Why You Should Trust a Professional for Collision Work

The left front side of a red car is damaged from an accident

Getting into a car accident or collision of any kind is a stressful situation. Even if you end up being physically OK, your car likely is not. And if you’ve never been in an accident before, you may not know what to do next. Unless your vehicle is completely totaled, your best course of action is to send it to a professional collision shop for repair. Here are some reasons why:

They’ll Take Your Insurance

One of the benefits of having collision insurance is it will help mitigate the cost of repair. But your insurance provider will have a say in what they will and won’t pay for. They’re far more likely to accept a professional collision repair service with a good reputation and experience working with major insurance carriers.

Experience Matters

Even if you know your way around your car, chances are you haven’t done much collision repair work in your life. Even those who work at auto shops that don’t specialize in collision work may not be equipped to do the job. Meanwhile, the professionals at a collision shop have the experience of working on these types of repairs day after day for years.

Quality Products

Depending on the severity of the damage, there’s a good chance your car may need new parts. These parts and products should match your current car. For example: a new paint job in a certain area should be consistent with the rest of the vehicle. When you go to a collision repair shop, you can be sure they’re using quality products to make your car run and appear as good as the day you brought it home.

It Saves Time

Your life is likely already busy enough with work, family and social obligations. If you decide to repair your car on your own, how long will it take before it’s ready to get back out on the road? Taking it to a collision repair shop will ensure that you get your car back in good shape in a timely manner.

If your car is in need of collision repair service, A&B Collision Center is the place to go. Our team of talented technicians will help bring your car back to working order. Contact one of our three locations in Staten Island and New Jersey today for a free estimate!