Why Summer is the Season with the Most Car Accidents

When you think of the type of unpleasant weather conditions that can lead to a car accident, you probably envision the winter or even fall or spring weather. Snow, rain, sleet, hail, wind, and an earlier sunset: these all make driving more difficult.

Despite those factors, summer is actually the season with the most car accidents each year in the United States. It makes sense once you think about it – those bad weather conditions cause people to stay home. People spend more time driving in summer than any other season. That leads to more accidents, usually for these reasons:

Teen Drivers

Teens who are new to driving are more likely to start hitting the road more often in the summer. New drivers, especially young ones, are far more likely to get into accidents due to their inexperience. Distracted driving, alcohol use, and speeding are also major factors in teen car accidents.


As we mentioned above, more people drive in the summer than any other month, leading to more traffic congestion. This often leads to cars travelling too close to each other, which cuts down on reaction time, leading to more accidents. Congestion can also cause drivers to become frustrated and begin taking risks to go faster – this leads to accidents caused by speeding or driving too close together. The stops and starts and longer wait times may also encourage distracted driving, which is consistently one of the leading causes of collisions.

Road Trips and Construction Zones

It’s no secret that road trips are far more popular in the summer than any other time of year. But driving for such a long time can make a vehicle operator careless. It can also lead to distracted driving if the person becomes bored. Plus, it’s easier to get drowsy in the heat of summer. Another prominent issue is road and highway construction zones. These areas have a lower posted speed limit, but some drivers may not clock that, leading to potential accidents.

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