What To Look for in A Good Collision Shop

The front left side of a car is damaged after an accident

Getting in a car accident can be not only a traumatic event, but also a stressful one. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid major injuries, there’s still so much to deal with: insurance, a police report, alternative transportation and, of course, collision work that has to be done on your vehicle.

While it’s a good thing most people don’t have much experience with car accidents, that also means they don’t have much experience with finding a quality collision shop. There are a few things any potential customer should be looking for in a collision shop, including the following:

Whether They’ll Take Your Insurance

One of the nice things about having collision insurance is you don’t have to worry about a huge repair bill when the worst-case scenario of an accident happens. However, you have to make sure that the collision shop you’re interested in will actually take your insurance. If this isn’t the first step you take, it should be among the first. Additionally, the right collision shop will also help you with your insurance claim.

Car Rental Service

If there’s extensive damage to your car, it could be a few days before the repair work is finished. What is your plan for transportation in the meantime? If you don’t have another car, can’t reliably get rides from someone else and public transportation isn’t an option, you may need to rent a car. Certain collision shops will set you up with a rental car for however long the repair process takes. This is convenient as the rental process has become more difficult in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some shops may even offer pickup and drop off services.


There are multiple ways to gauge the reputation of a collision shop – online reviews, word of mouth, how long they’ve been in business. This goes beyond just the quality of the work, you’ll be able to find out if they’re prompt, reasonably-price and have good customer service. If most other people trust a certain business, it’s safe for you to do so too.

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