What To Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car and Drives Off

A damaged car sits alone in the road

We like to think our cars are safe from accidents when we park them, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Even if you have a driveway or private garage at home, there will likely come a time when you have to leave your vehicle in a parking lot or parked in the street.

While the vast majority of the time, you’ll come back to a car in the same condition, you may someday find that it’s damaged in some way. Hopefully in that situation, the person that hit your car will have either waited for you or left a note. But some people are not that courteous. Here are some things you should do when someone hits your parked vehicle and drives off:

Gather Information

The amount of information you’ll be able to gather will depend party on where you’ve parked it and how long it’s been since it was hit. Try to find out if there are any cameras in the area. Additionally, look for potential witnesses that may be able to tell you more about the car that hit yours. Take pictures of your vehicle from every angle.

Call the Police

Once you’ve gathered that information, call the police and present it to them when they arrive. The person who hit your car has committed a crime so the police will have to file a report. Hit and runs are difficult to solve, but they’ll be far more likely to find the culprit if you give them valuable information.

Contact Your Insurance

When dealing with someone hitting a parked car and leaving, the insurance aspect can get complicated. What happens next is going to depend on your carrier and plan. Still, you should reach out to your carrier to explain what has happened and to inform them that you’ll need collision work done.

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