What Causes Car Accidents in the Winter?

A car slides across the road in winter weather

With the changing of the season comes a new set of risk factors associated with driving. Winter is not the busiest season for car accidents (summer is), but the worst days of winter are among the most dangerous times of the year to drive.

If you want to avoid getting in an accident in your vehicle this year, it helps to know what the common causes of winter accidents are. Here are a few reasons drivers get in accidents specifically in winter:

Bad Road Conditions

No matter how smooth a road is or how recently it has been paved, winter has a way of making it dangerous to traverse. Snow and ice can make the road slick and difficult to navigate. Black ice can make things even worse, creating a danger that you can’t perceive until it’s too late.

Visibility Problems

The winter is full of days with fog, snow, freezing rain, sleet, and hail. At their worst, these conditions can make it very difficult to see while you’re driving. It should go without saying that visibility is incredibly important to safe driving. Additionally, the sun sets earlier so you’re doing a lot more driving in the darkness.

Drunk Driving

While summer is actually the season with the most drunk driving incidents, winter features quite a few very popular events that are often associated with drinking alcohol. Holiday parties, New Years, The Super Bowl, and more all take place during the winter. These lead to more drunk driving than usual, so it’s important to stay vigilant on certain nights to keep yourself safe on the road.


Winters in the Northeast can be cold, snowy, and brutal on your vehicle. This makes maintenance all the more important during this time of year. Taking care of your tires, windshield wipers, and defrost system, among other parts of your vehicle, are key to keeping you safe on the road during the tough winter months.

If you were involved in an accident for these or any other reasons, your vehicle may be in need of collision work. In that case, A&B Collision Center is the place to take it in Staten Island or New Jersey. We can offer you a rental car and help you with insurance claims while our expert technicians work on your vehicle. Contact us at one of our three locations to learn more.