The Leading Causes of Car Accidents

One car has rear-ended another, causing damage to both

The absolute worst-case scenario as a driver is a car accident. We take great care to avoid these as individuals and as a society. You have to prove you’re a capable driver to even get a license. There are laws governing how we are allowed to drive. Cars are designed to avoid such collisions.

But accidents happen regardless. Each year in America more than 5 million accidents take place, injuring hundreds of thousands and killing north of 30,000 each year. Even if an accident doesn’t kill or injure anyone, it still more than likely causes damage to the vehicles involved. Here are some of the leading causes in accidents:

Driver Error

A study conducted by United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that the overwhelming majority of accidents are caused by driver error. This can come in a few forms. Recognition errors are generally caused by distractions and failure to pay attention. Decision errors include driving too fast, drive unsafely, misjudging others’ driving, and making illegal maneuvers. Performances errors occur in situations where drivers have poor directional control or overcompensate. Non-performance errors would include falling asleep at the wheel. These errors account for nearly 19 in 20 accidents.

Environmental Conditions

Sometimes environmental conditions can cause accidents that are no fault of the driver. The most common forms of environmental issues include slick roads, glares, view obstructions, and weather conditions such as rain fog and snow. These account for about two percent of accidents.

Vehicle Issues

Another one of the most common cause of accidents is failure of the vehicle. In these cases, the most common culprits are the wheels and tires. However, accidents are also caused failing brakes or issues with the steering, suspension, engine, and transmission fairly often.

Knowing the causes of accidents may be able to help you avoid them. But if you are in an accident, hopefully the only damage done is to your vehicle. In that case, A & B Collision Center can take care of that for you. We do the finest collision work on Staten Island and Matawan, NJ. We’ve been in business for more than 75 years because of our excellent work and customer service. Contact us at one of our three locations today for a free estimate.