Repair Process

NYS Car Inspections & Repair Shop in Staten Island, NY & Matawan, NJ

Nobody likes taking their car into the shop. Repairs mean time spent without a car, repair bills you hope don’t end up too high, and trusting someone with your primary means of transportation. We understand how nerve racking, inconvenient, and frustrating that can be. That’s why A&B Collision Center is dedicated to providing high-quality and timely repairs for vehicle owners throughout Staten Island and Matawan—and has been since 1946.

Auto Body, Collision & Car Repair Shop

In order to earn the trust of every new customer, we always like to be transparent about our repair process. There are too many shops out there who will tell you your car needs more work than it really does, in an effort to make money off your lack of knowledge. When you bring your vehicle to A&B Collision, you don’t have to worry about being misled.

Our specialists will keep you informed about what they’re doing every step of the way. Although you will receive more specific detail when you bring your vehicle in, here is what you can expect the repair process to look like with us:

  1. Estimate and inspect all visible damage and provide you with a preliminary report on the condition of your vehicle.
  2. Get approval for the work that needs to be done from you and, if necessary, your insurance company.
  3. Further investigate and assess the damage to your vehicle with any necessary teardowns that have been approved. Disassembly takes place right in our Staten Island or Matawan repair shop.
  4. Make a list of all the parts needed to repair your vehicle and complete your order, so work can begin.
  5. Begin making structural repairs and use our state-of-the-art equipment and lasers to measure the frame and get all unibody specifications back to their pre-accident points.
  6. Start body repairs. Our body repair department will replace any exterior panels, do any necessary metal work, and realign your vehicle to be moved to the paint department.
  7. Prepare your vehicle for painting and refinishing. Then, carefully apply the primer, sealer, color, and topcoat. Our database is constantly being updated with new manufacturer finishes to ensure we have an exact match for your vehicle.
  8. Reassemble remaining vehicle parts and add final touches, like molding and detail pieces. All the mechanical and electrical components on your vehicle will then be tested and checked for accuracy.
  9. Finish off the process with expert detailing. Any dirt or dust accumulated during the repair process will be cleaned.
  10. Your vehicle is now ready for the road!

NYS Car Inspections

Along with repairs, our skilled team can perform a NYS inspection to keep your vehicle safe and up to date. If we find anything wrong with your car during our inspection, we will contact you about any necessary repairs before any work is done. Then, we will follow the repair process above and finish up with a final road test and inspection.

All work completed at A&B Collision is backed by a lifetime warranty. We guarantee all of our auto body work will be free of defects in craftsmanship and materials for as long as you own your vehicle. This covers mechanical repairs and parts (unless they come with their own manufacturer’s warranty, in which case we still provide a warranty on labor costs), metalwork, and paint.

If you need your car repaired or inspected—or want to learn more about our array of auto body services—give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you in one of our Staten Island or Matawan shops!