Car Repair Process

Car Inspections & Repair Staten Island & Matawan NJStep 1:  Estimate and inspect all visible damage to get a preliminary report.

Step 2:  Get customer or insurance approval to further investigate and assess damage with any necessary teardowns. Disassembly begins.

Step 3:  Make a final parts list and complete your order.

Step 4:  Begin any structure repairs including the use of the lasers to measure the frame and get all unibody specifications back to their pre-accident points.

Step 5:  Body repairs: The body repair department will replace any exterior panels, do any necessary metal work, and realign the vehicle so that it may go on to the paint dept.

Step 6:  Paint preparation and refinishing will begin at this point. Primer, sealer, color, and top coat are now carefully applied.

Step 7:  Reassembly: Final touches such as moldings and detail pieces are now done. All mechanical and electrical components are now tested and checked for accuracy.

Step 8:  Detailing: This is the last phase and now any dirt or dust accumulated during repairs will be cleaned up . The vehicle is now ready for a final road test and inspection!