Pick Up & Drop Off Services

Pick Up and Drop Off Services

It is often said that self-reliance is a virtue.  However, in the context of car collisions and breakdowns, this axiom does not hold true.  If you are having automotive troubles or if you are involved in an accident, lean on our Staten Island, NY and Matawan, NJ automotive repair team for pick up and drop off services.

The Assistance You Need

Wouldn’t it be nice if a friendly automotive professional provided pick up and drop off services in the aftermath of your car crash or automotive breakdown?  If you live in Matawan, NJ, the greater NY area or Staten Island, NY, you will be provided with exactly that if you choose A&B Collision Center for assistance.  We are proud to provide everyone who lives and works in these cities and nearby areas with convenient pick up and drop off services.

Pick Up and Drop Off Services or a Rental Car?  That is the Question

You have an important decision to make after your vehicle breaks down or after you are involved in a car accident.  You can choose to rent a car or tap into the convenience of our prompt pick up and drop off services.  We make it easy to rent a vehicle yet we also provide timely pick up and drop off services.

You simply cannot go wrong with either of these convenient options.  Let us make your life easy with our pick up an drop off services in NY, Staten Island or Matawan, NJ and you’ll be in much better spirits after this unfortunate incident.

One of our team members will pick you up from your location with our shuttle service, transporting you to and from the ferry at our Hannah Street collision repair center.  We even pick up and drop off individuals who live within a five-mile radius of our Veterans Road West auto repair center.

Schedule Pick Up and Drop Off Service Today

A&B Collision Center is here to provide the helping hand you need after your vehicle suffers mechanical failure, a dead battery or damage in an accident.  If your car won’t start or is inoperable for another reason, do not suffer in silence or burden a friend or family member with a request for assistance.  Reach out to us at for convenient pick up and drop off service by dialing 718-981-0063 (Staten Island) or 732-566-1020 (Matawan, NJ).