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Your post-Car Accident To-Do List

A woman stands in front of a car that has collided with another car

No one wants to get in a car accident, but unfortunately, this is something that happens hundreds of times each day all over the country. Many of these are relatively minor fender-benders, but others will require extensive repair work. The first and most pressing issue is, of course, your health and the health of your… Read more »

Tips For Safe Driving in Winter Weather

A car drives through the winter snow

Driving and winter weather don’t always mix well together. Winter is not the season in which the most vehicle accidents take place, but extreme weather conditions can certainly make an accident more likely. If you live in a part of the country that deals with snow, ice, and freezing weather this time of year like… Read more »

What To Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car and Drives Off

A damaged car sits alone in the road

We like to think our cars are safe from accidents when we park them, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Even if you have a driveway or private garage at home, there will likely come a time when you have to leave your vehicle in a parking lot or parked in the street. While… Read more »

What Causes Car Accidents in the Winter?

A car slides across the road in winter weather

With the changing of the season comes a new set of risk factors associated with driving. Winter is not the busiest season for car accidents (summer is), but the worst days of winter are among the most dangerous times of the year to drive. If you want to avoid getting in an accident in your… Read more »

How To Know If Your Car is Totaled or Can Be Repaired

Two cars are damaged after colliding head on

When you’re involved in a car accident, the state of your car is not always at the top of your list of worries. Your personal health and safety and that of your passengers will always come first. But once injuries are treated or you discover that everyone’s ok, you’ll eventually have to deal with the… Read more »

The Leading Causes of Car Accidents

One car has rear-ended another, causing damage to both

The absolute worst-case scenario as a driver is a car accident. We take great care to avoid these as individuals and as a society. You have to prove you’re a capable driver to even get a license. There are laws governing how we are allowed to drive. Cars are designed to avoid such collisions. But… Read more »

What To Look for in A Good Collision Shop

The front left side of a car is damaged after an accident

Getting in a car accident can be not only a traumatic event, but also a stressful one. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid major injuries, there’s still so much to deal with: insurance, a police report, alternative transportation and, of course, collision work that has to be done on your vehicle. While it’s a… Read more »

Why You Should Have Your Car Inspected on Time

A mechanic inspects a car engine

Many states require owners to have their vehicles inspected by a professional at a licensed inspection station on an annual basis. This can be an inconvenience and can be easy to forget about, but it’s important to remember to have your vehicle inspected on time. Here are some benefits to doing so: Avoid Fines Perhaps… Read more »

Why You Should Trust a Professional for Collision Work

The left front side of a red car is damaged from an accident

Getting into a car accident or collision of any kind is a stressful situation. Even if you end up being physically OK, your car likely is not. And if you’ve never been in an accident before, you may not know what to do next. Unless your vehicle is completely totaled, your best course of action… Read more »

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